“Dragon Ball” Transformation form that approaches the strength of Saiyan TOP 10

Do you know what day February 26 is? Thirty-three years ago, today, February 26, 1986, the memorable first episode of the anime “Dragon Ball” was aired. And now, it has gone far beyond the concept of national manga/animation and is reigning as a monster work that is gaining popularity on a global scale. In this article, we celebrate the day when the “Dragon Ball” series, which has made outstanding achievements in the history of anime, was born and deliver the top 10 rankings of transformation forms that unravel the strength of Saiyans.

The ranking rules are as follows: (1) Target up to “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” which is considered to be the official history, and exclude the original form that appears in “Dragon Ball GT” and other game works. (2) Since Super Saiyan’s appearance, there are no easy-to-understand indicators such as fighting power, so the standard of strength refers to the remarks of each character, the fighting scene, and the official views such as the author Akira Toriyama. (3) Many forms do not have official names, so in that case, refer to the official website’s names and game works. ④ If the strength differs depending on the character, even in the same transformation form, a typical character’s strength will be used as the standard.

Check out the ten forms of the proud Saiyan warrior race to talk about the strongest.

10th place: Ultimate

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Z” Majin Buu Edition

Transformable person: Son Gohan

A popular name for the Old Kai god, who has drawn out the sleeping potential of Gohan beyond the limit. That is, only Gohan can transform. Ultimate Gohan is the most robust character in the original that surpasses even Super Saiyan 3. He lost his power because he was away from the fight, but in “Dragon Ball Super,” he regained his power in his training with Piccolo. You can also cross with the super Saiyan Blue Goku to some extent.

9th place: Super Saiyan God

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Z God and God.”

Transformable characters: Son Goku, Vegeta

“If five Saiyans with the right heart hold hands and shed light on the other right Saiyan, it will become the Saiyan god,” which is impossible without the six Saiyans. Special form. Being the “god” of the Saiyans, the ki itself has the exact nature of the destructive gods and cannot be perceived by humans. Akira Toriyama also commented, “If the strength of Beerus is 10, God is six, or Wis is about 15.” By the way, Vegeta skipped this form and transformed into a higher version of Super Saiyan Blue, so “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” is the first time God’s Vegeta appears in the anime version.

8th place: Super Saiyan anger

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super” “Future” Trunks Edition

Transformable person: Future Trunks

A unique transformation form achieved by Future Trunks. No details are given, but it was also called “pseudo” Super Saiyan Blue because it contains a blue aura like Super Saiyan Blue, and you can feel the spirit of the God that Blue emits. The strength may be higher than God because he showed an equal level of the fight against Goku Black, who overwhelmed Blue Vegeta.

6th place Thailand: Anger

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super Broly.”

Transformable person: Broly

A transformation of a concept similar to Super Saiyan 4 (the original form of “Dragon Ball GT”), a super Saiyan who has the power of a remarkable monkey to “reproduce the power of a great monkey as it is a human being.” The form is so different that Goku asks Vegeta, “Have you ever seen such a Saiyan !?” Despite being less than a Super Saiyan, Broly in this state kicked God’s Goku and was as powerful as or better than Blue.

6th Thailand: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue)

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Z Revival” F.”

Transformable characters: Son Goku, Vegeta, Vegetto, Gogeta

Super Saiyan A Saiyan Super Saiyan with the power of God. A state in which the spirit of the God of the Super Saiyan God is taken into the body and “has both strength and a calm mind, and is in extreme control of the spirit.” It’s complicated, but there is no problem if you think of it as a higher-ranking transformation of the Super Saiyan God. The official name is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, but from the visual setting of “Super Saiyan Shining in Light Blue,” “Dragon Ball Super Destruction God Champa Edition” and later are unified Super Saiyan Blue.

5th place: Super Saiyan Rose

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super” “Future” Trunks Edition

Transformable person: Goku Black

A super Saiyan can only transform Goku Black (Zamas, an apprentice of the God of the king who hijacked Goku’s body). A state in which God has surpassed the Super Saiyan God. From the pink visual, he calls himself a super Saiyan Rose. The ability surpasses Blue Goku and Vegeta.

3rd place Thailand: Super Saiyan Blue Kaiouken

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super” Destruction God Champa Edition

Transformable person: Son Goku

A state in which the power of Super Saiyan Blue is added to Kaiouken, a technique that doubles all combat abilities in power and speed. Kaiouken hasn’t had a turn since the appearance of the Super Saiyan. It has not been used until now because the load on the body is too high. Still, this trick is possible because it is blue with extreme qi control; in the hit game at the time of the first debut, What raised the magnification to 10 times Kaiohken, and in the game against Jiren, Who raised the magnification to 20 times.

3rd place Thailand: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super” Space Survival Edition

Transformable person: Vegeta

In the fight against Jiren, Vegeta broke her shell and “concentrated her power far beyond the previous Super Saiyan Blue.” Details such as the principle and ability are unknown, and the definition of its strength is not drawn, but it seems to be equal to or better than the 20 times Kaiohken of Super Saiyan Blue. Also known as Super Saiyan Blue 2 among fans.

2nd place: Super Saiyan Full Power (Legendary Super Saiyan)

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super Broly” (“Dragon Ball Super” Space Survival Edition)

Transformable person: Broly, (Kale)

Broly awakens to a Super Saiyan after her father Paragus is killed in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” And in the fierce battle with Gogeta, he will further power up from the regular Super Saiyan to “Super Saiyan Full Power.” The old movie was called “Legendary Super Saiyan,” but in the new movie, this setting is not explicitly stated. It is unknown whether it is the same form or not. Still, Kale, a female Saiyan of the 6th universe who appears in “Dragon Ball Super” Space Survival Edition, also looks very similar to this transformation and goes out of control. In the official production inside the story, it is said that Kale has a Broly motif, and Vegeta describes it as “maybe the original Saiyan itself” in work. It may have a potential close to that of Broly, judging from the fact that it does not work even if it receives the Kamehameha wave released by the super Saiyan Blue Goku at a close distance.

1st place: The secret of selfishness

First appearance: “Dragon Ball Super” Space Survival Edition

Transformable person: Son Goku

Strictly speaking, it is a selfish secret that is categorized into techniques rather than transformation. It is a state of “separating consciousness and body and leaving it unconsciously,” It is a technique to the effect that every part of the body can judge and act on its own and avoid any crisis. Even the God of destruction is difficult to learn, and even Bills cannot use it ideally. Goku, who was forced into a difficult situation and succeeded in activating, also awakens to the secret of selfishness in the final battle with Jiren through the first stage called “Kizashi.”

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