FF7 (Final Fantasy 7) Strategy Guide

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What kind of game is FINAL FANTASY 7 (FF7)?

FINAL FANTASY 7 was released by Square Enix in 1997 and is a very popular RPG with a cumulative total of over 11 million units sold. Initially it was a PlayStation software, but now it can be played on smartphones and PS4.

Full remake version will be released

FINAL FANTASY 7 is a work that is so popular that it competes for 1 and 2 in the FF series, and a remake version has been decided to be released. In the remake version, it seems that the battle system etc. can be completely remade while leaving the world view of FF7 as it is.

Highly strategic battle

In FINAL FANTASY 7, fight in a party of up to 3 people. Defeat enemies by making full use of normal attacks, magic attacks using materia, and limit breaks that can be used when gauges are accumulated.

First 3D graphics in the series

FINAL FANTASY 7 is the first in the FF series to be 3D graphicized and a CG movie is inserted. At that time, it was created using the latest technology and attracted new attention.

Status max function only for smartphone version

The smartphone version of FINAL FANTASY 7 is equipped with unique features. You can play FF7 comfortably by using the encounter off function with monsters and the status max function.

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