What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects you from the consequences of damage caused to others by your fault. It is essential both in France, for your everyday life, and when travelling abroad!

Civil liability: a definition


Your “civil liability” is incurred when you have involuntarily caused damage to others. This will be the case, for example, if you are doing work at home and you cause damage to a semi-detached dwelling, or if you push an older person in the street without being aware of it, and the latter suffers a fracture. In such a situation, the law requires you to provide coverage to the victim, provided that the latter can prove the reality of his damage and a clear link between this damage and the fault you have committed. Note that Who may also engage your civil liability if the defect is committed by one of your “dependents”, whether it is your minor child or a pet.

Most French people are well insured against these risks daily. Liability coverage is, for example, the minimum and compulsory basis of any auto insurance. Moreover, even apart from road accidents, you are probably insured for “private life” civil liability for all your daily acts through your home insurance.

Liability insurance abroad: a must!

Are you planning a trip abroad soon, for tourism or business? Travel fatigue, culture shock, and all kinds of contingencies mean who will mainly expose your civil liability during this time? You are more likely to cause someone to harm you unintentionally.

However, the guarantees provided for in your usual civil liability insurance are very often limited to French territory or, when they remain valid abroad, are only for a very temporary period! It is recommended that you study your contract in detail before your departure to verify that its coverage extends to the country concerned and the entire duration of your stay.

Failing this, taking out travel insurance with solid liability cover abroad appears to be an essential precaution, regardless of the reason or destination of your trip.

Warranty limitations and exclusions


Attention, the civil liability guarantee abroad will not be able to work in any situation! For example, there is no point in relying on it if Who caused the damage voluntarily: we then come within the framework of a criminal offence, for which the insurer is not intended to act. It is also not a substitute for auto insurance and therefore does not apply when you cause damage on board a motor vehicle such as a car or even a boat. To drive on-site safely, refer to your French car insurance. If the latter does not cover you in your destination country, you will have to consider subscribing to a specific plan in France or once there.

Lastly, damage that would be linked to your professional activity exercise cannot logically be included in a “private life” civil liability insurance abroad. For a one-off business trip or regular trips throughout the year, a specialist insurer such as Allianz Travel can offer you more extensive guarantees, including genuine professional civil liability (“professional liability”).

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