What is the price of a dog cat health insurance?

How is the price of the cat health insurance calculated?

If your health insurance takes your profile (age, sex, etc.) into account, the same goes for your cat’s health insurance. Here are the criteria used to calculate the amount of the contribution:

  • Its age: the contributions of mutual health insurance for cats change with the age of your pet. The older he gets, the more likely he is to fall ill, so the contribution increases;
  • Its breed: an animal registered in the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) will be entitled to the breed designation. Thus an alley cat will have a contribution slightly lower than a purebred cat.

Contributions for cats are less expensive than those applied for dogs. Count on average 7 to 20 € per month to cover your cat for a basic formula.

How to find a cheap dog cat mutual insurance contract?

The prices are very different depending on your animal’s profile, the formula, the annual guarantee limit, and the deductibles. Therefore, it is imperative to compare these elements to find the best dog cat health insurance. Online comparators, such as that of Reassure me, offer a global view, allowing you to compare your choice’s essential criteria. Very quickly and easily, you have access to all the information you need to make your decision.

It is also essential to determine your budget before purchasing or changing dog cat insurance. If you can cover most of your animal’s veterinary costs, a basic guarantee, which covers only the costs resulting from an accident, may be sufficient. Suppose you want to take out this type of contract because your financial capacity does not allow you to assume high costs. In that case, a high-end guarantee will let you take care of many of your veterinary expenses while controlling your budget.

Before making your choice, compare! Our comparator is there to guide you in your search for free, easy, and objective. Our experts are also available by phone if you need additional information.

The cost of the mutual health insurance corresponds to the profile of the dog.

The criteria taken into account to calculate the amount of the insurance premium for your dog will be the same as those for a cat:

  • His age: the premiums of mutual health insurance for dogs increase with the latter’s age because of their risk of becoming ill increases.
  • Its breed: an animal registered in the LOF (French Book of Origins) will be considered a purebred dog. So a dog without a breed will cost its ownerless, in terms of insurance, then a purebred Labrador, for example.
  • Your dog’s size is not a criterion since the NAC (New Pets) also has joint health, which is more expensive than that for dogs. Indeed, their owner must contact specialized veterinarians. And if they are technical, they are often more costly, therefore incurring more owners’ costs.

The fact that you own a dog will make you pay a little more for your premium than the premium due to cover a cat. Count 10 to 25 € per month for your dog, on average, and for a basic formula.

What is the price of mutual health insurance for a cat?

Who chose the formula, and the level of guarantee subscribed? Animal mutuals’ prices are very disparate. Indeed, the level of security is determined by the coverage rate: from 50 to 100% of actual costs. So what is the price of insurance for your cat? To give you an idea of ​​the cost of the mutual health insurance for your animal, we have drawn up a table showing you the prices of cat insurance that insurers can charge:


(3-month-old kitten) Guarantees Ceiling (annual) Monthly cost)

Basic formula 75% of fees 1 100 € 12 €

Mixed formula 80% of costs 1 350 € 23 €

Top-of-the-range formula 95% of costs 1 900 € 39 €

What is the price of mutual health insurance for a dog?

We remind you that insurance prices can go from simple to triple, depending on the formula (basic, mixed, or high-end) and therefore the level of guarantees (from 50% to 100% of actual costs) that you have chosen.

So what is the cost of mutual health insurance for your dog? Here are the rates that dog insurance companies can advance. Pay attention to the annual ceiling according to each formula: this amount cannot be exceeded, so take stock of your dog’s needs before any subscription to a joint health contract.

 Which dog cat insurance to choose according to the cost?

Depending on the plan you are going to take out, the insurance cost will be more or less expensive. Insurers offer many different dogs and cat insurance formulas and guarantees to adapt to individual needs and budgets. Thus, three types of procedures are generally advanced:

  • The basic formula,  which often reimburses veterinary expenses following an accident, and where the amounts and reimbursement ceilings are the lowest.
  • The mixed formula,  which covers veterinary costs resulting from illness or accident.
  • The top-of-the-range formula,  which offers, in addition to the guarantees provided by the mixed procedures, additional services ( insurance capital in the event of dog or cat death, care of your animal if you are hospitalized, etc.) as well as a guarantee for preventive acts (vaccines, deworming, descaling, etc.).

Deductibles are amounts that remain at your expense. The insurer will intervene for veterinary costs, the part of which is greater than the deductible. The higher the deductible, the less the insurer intervenes since you pay the deductible. So the higher the deductible, the less expensive the premium to pay to the insurer.

The annual ceilings of guarantees are maximum amounts of compensation over the year.  For example, if the roof is € 1,000, this means that beyond reimbursement of € 1,000, your insurer will no longer intervene. The higher the ceilings, the more your insurer will reimburse you, so the premium to be paid to the insurance company will be more expensive.

Like dog and cat insurance deductibles and deficiencies, annual cover limits allow the insurer to limit coverage and prevent abuse.

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